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Legislative Update – 3/28/2014

Policy Deadlines Pass

With the passage of the second policy deadline on March 28, the likelihood of threats to issues of particular to the MAO has dramatically receded. Policy deadlines serve to help guide the work of the Legislature and winnow bills with little support from legislators. Given that the deadline has passed, the likelihood of bills dealing with interest to the MAO – including expanded scope of practice for audiologists or efforts to extend the sales tax to surgical procedures defined as “cosmetic” – are virtually nil. Both of those issues have come before the legislature in recent years.

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Legislative Update – 3/14/2014

APRN Hearings in Both Bodies

Legislation to change the scope of practice for Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) has seen significant action in recent week. OnMarch 3 the bill sponsored by the APRN coalition (SF 511) was heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The Committee is chaired by the bill’s author, Sen. Kathy Sheran (DFL – Mankato). Dr. Will Nicholson testified for the MMA and Dr. Julie Anderson testified for the MAFP. In addition Dr. Scott Nelson testified for MN Anesthesiology Society and Dr. David Schultz testified for the MN Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. At the end of the hearing the bill was laid over with very little change for possible inclusion in an omnibus HHS bill that will be released next week.

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